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About Us

We are a stable Czech company and we are active in the market since 1991. During our operation you can find our products in more than 15 countries all over the world. In 26 years of its existence, BREMA has expanded its portfolio of technologies originally focused on electrical installations and systems with other branches: switchboards manufacture, low-voltage installations, BMS, heating, cooling, fixed fire fighting systems, elevators, metalworking and facility management.

Since the 1990s, we have been operating in the premises we own in Praha 7, Holešovice quarter, and in 2005, new and modern business opportunities opened for us in the form of our own production hall in Modletice where almost the whole company was relocated.

BREMA, with its high quality work, participates in many important projects realized in the Czech Republic and abroad. It delivers for Prague metro (subway), road constructions, industry, cultural and business centers, residential buildings and others.

Our core values are honest and reliable negotiation, stability of the background, top expertise, focus on performance and quality. The financial stability and modern technology of our company are the solid ground of a reliable and trustworthy brand.

Why choose us?
    • we are a stable company, we have been active on the Czech market for over 26 years
    • we have a team of project managers and technicians capable of communicating also in foreign languages
    • we are able to realize comprehensive deliveries of all technologies
    • we have experience projects realized abroad

Management of BREMA, spol. s r.o.

Phone: +420 283 111 111
Ing. Petr Faltus
Executive officer
Phone: +420 283 111 111
Martin Matoušek
Executive Officer
Phone: +420 283 111 111 E-mail:
Ing. Jaroslav Hyhlík
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: +420 283 111 111 E-mail:
Ing. David Hurdálek
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: +420 283 111 111 E-mail:
Pavel Konvička
Chief Production Officer
Phone: +420 283 111 111 E-mail:
Jiří Čadek
Key Account Director
Phone: +420 283 111 111 E-mail:
Luděk Šavrda
Chief Sales Officer
Phone: +420 283 111 111 E-mail:
Jan Vořech
Chief Administrative Officer

History of BREMA, spol. s r.o.

Foundation of BREMA, spol. s r.o. (Vítkova 17, Karlín)
Purchase of the object formerly owned by Elfrig, address: Jateční 4, Holešovice.

BREMA has been awarded the Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001.

Project design department established.

BREMA was subjected to a heavy test in the form of a natural disaster – a flood that hit the company’s headquarters severally.
Even this disaster did not prevent the company from fulfilling its obligations to customers, as it did already during the first fourteen days following the flood. Even in such a difficult situation, our company has set itself the priority to assist in the removal of damages caused by the floods and focused mainly on assistance in restoring the operation of the Prague metro. These events have proved that BREMA, spol. s r.o. is a stable firm standing on firm foundations and is able to withstand even in very harsh conditions.
BREMA has been awarded an environmental management system certificate according to ISO 14001.

Since April 1, 2004, Josef Matoušek is the 100% owner, the second executive officer is Martin Matoušek.

Subsidiary company BREMA SK s.r.o. established, registered office in Sučany, Slovak Republic.

BREMA has been awarded the OHSAS 18001 certificate.

A new branch office and production hall in Modletice was opened, where a substantial part of the production (switchboard production, machinery and metalworking production, transport cooling service) was relocated.
Starting in November 2010, BREMA launched a new educational project called BREMA, spol. s.r.o. - training of employees for higher competitiveness, funded by the ESF through the Operational Program Human Resources and Employment and the state budget of the Czech Republic.
In February 2012, the training project of our employees was successfully accomplished.
This project was co-funded by the European Union and the European Social Fund through the Operational Program Human Resources and Employment and the state budget of the Czech Republic. We have received a subsidy of CZK 1,365,606 for the complex development of our employees in various positions.
Foundation of the Fixed fire fighting systems department.

Foundation of the Elevator systems department.

New logo presented.
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Employee involvement in the educational activities of the Academy HKP III project within the framework of the Operational Program Employment in cooperation with the Economic Chamber of the Capital City of Prague.
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